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We have a set of Architecture Guidelines for development in Hudson Bay Mountain Village.

Our purpose for these Guidelines is to provide assistance to owners and their architects in planning and designing homes for construction on the Mountain. It may seem obvious but we are in a real snow zone on the Mountain. It is important to keep this in mind when designing or selecting suppliers for your home on the Mountain. At mountain resorts around North America we continue to see examples of poor design that does not work well in snow country.

The objective here is to introduce the Guidelines not to replace them. We encourage you to review the Guidelines but in doing so keep in mind that these for the most part are suggestions and recommendations based on “Best Practices” for designing in snow country.


Figure 1 is from an existing cabin on Hudson Bay Mountain and it represents an excellent porch design that provides real protection from snow accumulation.


This is a different view of the same porch which shows how the design retains the snow on the roof and avoids snow shedding onto the stairs. The only impact of this design that you might consider differently is the drip line when the snow melts or it is raining. For us on the Mountain these are not frequent issues. The only other design element to consider is how much of the front porch to cover with the deck.

Mountain Guidelines


A few guidelines to minimize risks on the mountain.

There are a few rules such as not putting combustible material on the roof. We want to minimize the risk of fire so no cedar shakes. We encourage siding which minimizes fire risk while being attractive and in harmony with the natural setting.

Another rule is no mobile homes. It may seem obvious but better to be clear as we are striving to create and protect the value of your investment.

We trust that you will find value in the Guidelines and we are here to assist you in quickly and efficiently obtaining your building permit.